Monday, March 12, 2007

OceanHealth.Org posts to Yelp! Reviewing businesses for ocean-friendly, healthy seafood options.

A fun resource for finding reviews for just about anything these days is Yelp. One thing that was noticeably lacking things on Yelp was reviews that took into account the impact the restaurants and other businesses that sell seafood are having on your health and on the health of our oceans.

Now OceanHealth.Org has begun reviewing San Francisco Bay Area restaurants and other businesses to rate how ocean-friendly and healthy they are.

Check out the OceanHealth.Org profile on Yelp and become a friend so that restaurants know that you care about your health and the health of our dwindling ocean resources.

Please join the OceanHealth.Org effort by reviewing your restaurants, supermarkets, and other seafood businesses. Become a friend to OceanHealth.Org online to show your support for sustainable, healthy seafood.

Be sure to become a friend to OceanHealth.Org here on blogger, too! Subscribe for future uptdates about what you can do for ocean conservation and public health protection!

Thank you for your help! The future of the ocean is blue with you.

PS - OceanHealth.Org is also on MySpace.Com: